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Forex Trading: How It Works, How to Make Money

What is forex trading? How does it work? Is it really possible to earn as much as they say? These are the main questions many beginners ask themselves when they begin to consider whether or not to invest in the forex market.

This guide aims to explain , in a simple way, how you can start trading forex without difficulty, without errors and without risk even if you start from scratch.

We will also talk about the best forex brokers , especially those that are also suitable for beginners like eToro. Today there are many safe and reliable forex brokers (beware that there are also scams, however) but not all of these brokers are suitable for those who are starting online trading for the first time.

eToro, on the other hand, is not only very easy to use even for a beginner, but it even offers the possibility of automatically copying the operations of the best traders in the world .

You can sign up for free on eToro by clicking here .

Is forex trading difficult?

Before we begin, it is essential to dispel a dangerous limiting belief: forex trading is difficult.

This is not the case at all: there are many beginners who prove that trading on the currency market can be learned. We are not saying that it is a way to make easy money: indeed, it is good to immediately deny any idea of ​​passive income or money that arrives in a miraculous way.

What we mean is that forex trading is within the reach of anyone who undertakes to study it. The guides available today are so many and those who want to learn can do it without problems.

You don’t even have to spend a fortune to buy a paid course, as one of the best forex courses ever is completely free. What course are we talking about? Of course ForexTB (incidentally, one of the best forex broker to exist) that over the last year has had more than 100,000 downloads . Why did this happen?

It is a course that explains forex in a practical way , without wasting time on theory. It explains exactly how to make money, which is the most important thing. Furthermore, the language is very simple and understandable even by those who are really beginners .

And then we remind you once again that it is completely free, which is not bad since many forex courses are paid and can also cost a lot of money.

You can download the course for free by clicking here .

By studying a good forex course you can quickly learn the fundamental concepts behind forex . But this, unfortunately, is not enough: you must also apply them directly to fix and understand them thoroughly.

For this reason, the best forex brokers make a demo platform available to their members for free . Thanks to the demo it is possible to operate on forex using virtual money, therefore without any kind of risk.

By following this simple path you can go for sure when you start trading with real money. Forex trading is not difficult for anyone who is committed!

Even from an economic point of view there are no great difficulties: it is usually possible to start with a sum between 100 and 250 euros. In some cases even with 10 euros.

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Best brokers for forex trading

The main tool for trading forex is the broker . The word broker in English means intermediary: those who want to operate on forex must use the services of the broker who takes care of keeping the trader’s money and carrying out operations on the currency market and then transferring the profits to the trader’s account.

There are many types of forex brokers but the most convenient for those starting out for the first time are those based on CFDs (contracts for difference).

In general, it is advisable to use brokers that have these three characteristics:

  • They are safe and reliable : unfortunately there are no forex scams, only authorized and regulated brokers are really safe.
  • They do not charge trading fees : Paying trading fees means not earning, especially if you operate with small capital. That is why it is essential to choose free forex brokers.
  • They are easy to use : especially for beginners, this is really very important.

We have selected some of the best forex brokers who respect these characteristics (and also offer valuable additional benefits).

Platform: Etoro
Minimum Deposit: 200 €
License: Cysec
  •  Social Trading (Copy The Best)
  •  Simple And Intuitive
➥ Get started
Platform: Forextb
Minimum Deposit: 250 €
License: Cysec
  •  Free Trading Course
  •  Free Trading Signals
➥ Get started
Platform: Trade
Minimum Deposit: 100 €
License: Cysec
  •  Free Demo
  •  Free Trading Course
➥ Get started
Platform: Iqoption
Minimum Deposit: 10 €
License: Cysec
  •  Unlimited Free Demo
  •  Low Minimum Deposit
➥ Get started
Platform: Avatrade
Minimum Deposit: 250 €
License: Cysec
  •  Copy Trading
  •  Active Since 2006
➥ Get started

Forex broker eToro

eToro is the greatest alternative for beginners who want to start forex trading. In addition to having a very simple platform to use, eToro is the only broker that offers the possibility to copy, in a completely automatic way, what other traders do.

How does it work? eToro has created an innovative patented Copytrader system that allows you to easily find the traders who have earned the most in the past . It is possible to view their profit and risk levels in order to make an accurate and considered choice. Once you have found the right traders, a simple click is enough to start replicating all their trades.

Using eToro has two advantages: on the one hand you can start getting excellent results immediately with forex trading, on the other you can learn in the best way, observing what the best traders in the world do.

Why are these professional traders (the famous Popular Investors) so helpful with forex beginners? Not only do they give permission to be copied but even provide all kinds of advice and indications. Simple: eToro pays them based on the number of followers (people who copy them, in fact eToro is also a social network).

You can sign up for free on eToro by clicking here .

ForexTB forex broker

ForexTB is definitely one of the best forex trading brokersavailable to novice traders (and even the most experienced ones, actually) today. Why do so many beginners use ForexTB?

For one thing, it’s a really easy and intuitive broker . Furthermore, it offers its members a truly exceptional telephone assistance service: a true expert who guides you with precise indications.

Anyone who wants can also download the ebook that explains how to make money with forex for free. We have already talked about it: click here to download the ebook for free .

The benefits of ForexTB are not over. All traders can apply to sign up for an excellent forex signal service . The history of this service shows that it is very reliable. Usually signal services with such accurate forecasts have a high cost, in the case of ForexTB everything is completely free. You can request the signals by clicking here .

ForexTB is a safe, reliable, completely free and commission free broker. It also provides traders with an excellent demo platform, free and unlimited, perfect for those who want to quickly accumulate experience without taking risks.

You can join ForexTB for free by clicking here .

Iq Option forex broker

Iq Option is an extremely intuitive forex brokerso much that it is considered by many to be the ideal solution for those who start trading forex. Among the features most appreciated by traders is the possibility of starting with an initial capital of just 10 euros. The other brokers require a sum between 100 and 250 euros.

Iq Option is perfect for beginners also because it offers its members hundreds of video courses , completely free, which explain forex starting from the basics up to the more complex aspects. Anyone who wants can also use the demo account, free and unlimited.

Click here to sign up for free on Iq Option .

Forex broker Trade.com

Trade.com is one of the most innovative forex brokers. It is completely free and commission free, very easy to use even for beginners. It provides forex traders the opportunity to operate with the excellent WebTrader platform or with the classic Metatrader.

Trade.com is perfect for those starting out in forex trading . For one thing, it offers exceptional support, real forex experts who call and guide you step by step.

Furthermore, it is possible to access an educational area really full of videos that explain forex trading in a very clear and simple way: you can enter the educational area for free by clicking here .

Trade.com also offers an unlimited and unconstrained free demo account, perfect for those who want to learn (seriously) trading on the forex market and want to experiment without taking any risks.

You can sign up for free on Trade.com by clicking here .

Forex Trading Reviews

We immediately posted reviews of some of the best brokers to invest in forex for a reason : unfortunately there are people who think that forex trading is a scam.

These reliable and safe brokers prove that forex is absolutely not a scam and can actually generate profits, even for beginners.

Warning: thinking about scams is not a bad idea at all . If the opinion that forex trading is a scam is false, reality teaches us that there are really thousands of scam brokers who make you lose money.

The only way to invest in forex in a safe way is to use only authorized and regulated brokers: these brokers are supervised by the financial control authorities (CONSOB for Italy) and therefore could not scam their clients even if they wanted to.

But the (wrong) views on forex trading don’t end there. There are people who think that forex trading is a kind of game, a way to make easy money without doing anything or, in other words, to get a good passive income.

Unfortunately, passive income does not exist: with forex trading you can generate profits, even high, and you don’t even need a large capital to start with.

However, it is not a game and, above all, there is nothing passive in forex : the trader must make predictions on the trend of currency pairs and must execute the corresponding market operations.

It is true, making predictions is not difficult, you can rely on trading indicators , you can perhaps receive forex signals or you can use eToro to copy the best ones but you always have to do something,  you cannot receive money without doing anything ( neither with forex trading nor with any other system).

The idea that forex trading is a way to make easy money, in the end, was spread by the scammers who in this way manage to catch the most naive to scam them. Safe brokers, on the other hand, publish persistent risk warnings on their sites …

We talked almost immediately about another absolutely wrong opinion on forex: the fact that forex trading is difficult. It is not. Of course you have to study, you have to commit yourself, but with a good guide and with a little effort you can easily achieve extraordinary results.

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Forex trading demo

All the brokers we have selected are not only safe and reliable, free and easy to use but also offer an unlimited free demo .

Why have we focused so much on a feature like this? The demo is very important, especially for those who are starting forex trading for the first time.

Thanks to the demo it is possible to operate on the forex market using virtual money . In this way, losses and profits are always and only virtual and you can experiment without risking anything.

For those who do not even know what forex is and perhaps have just started studying, it is really an advantage to operate without the worry of potential losses, for example by applying everything you study in real time.

Many novice traders manage to radically improve their skills thanks to the intensive experience offered by a good online trading demo.

Can you learn everything about forex trading thanks to the demo? Unfortunately not. The problem with the demo is identical to its advantage: you risk nothing.

Forex trading is not just a question of technique : the best traders are not the ones who know the best forex strategies , they are the ones who are able to control their emotions.

Fear and greed can play tricks when trading seriously and only by learning to master them can you achieve the best results . The problem is that with the demos there are no emotions since the money involved is not real.

The best path to learn forex trading is starting with a good free demo and going through trading with real money, perhaps with a small initial deposit (there are people who start with just 10 euros).

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Forex trading book

Forex trading is not a game , this must be clear by now. Trading on the currency market means investing (little) money to make a profit when Forex quotes change. 

Conceptually it is not difficult but how to learn all the tricks and secrets to make the most of forex ?

Many avoid the problem completely by using eToro and directly copying the best traders in the world. But who wants to learn how to trade forex, what should they study?

There are various forex books, but most of them are expensive and difficult to study. 

The best solution is to get the ForexTB e-book, which we have already talked about: you can download it for free by clicking here .

The ForexTB book is not only free, it is also super easy to read, even for a beginner. 

Forex trading calls

There has been a lot of talk lately about unwanted phone calls made by some forex brokers.

Like all unsolicited marketing calls, they are extremely annoying. In this case we advise not only not to answer but also to block the number from which they come .

If a broker needs to make spam phone calls to promote themselves, they are not a good broker and better stay away from them. Very often these brokers are the ones who scam customers: all the more reason we must stay away from them!

But we must avoid making a bundle of all the grass : not all calls made by brokers are bad! What are the exceptions? Obviously the phone calls made by the support service of the brokers you sign up for.

These phone calls are not only harmless but downright valuable: they usually allow you to start trading forex with the direct help of a real expert. Those who follow these tips can get started without making mistakes that could otherwise be costly.



Forex trading is a speculative activity that can generate high profits but requires commitment, time and study . It is absolutely essential to operate using only safe and reliable brokers and only authorized and regulated brokers can provide the required level of security (they are controlled by the supervisory authorities).

The forex trading is not a way to make easy money and it’s not a scam: beginners should have in mind what is forex, how it works and how you earn just to avoid falling into the traps of scammers.

What is Forex?

The Forex market is the largest liquid market in the world, where currency pairs are traded.

Is Forex a Scam?

Center that not, Forex is a regulated market where millions of traders trade every day.

How to trade forex?

The best option is offered by the trading platforms through which it is possible to invest in CFDs without commissions.

What are the best brokers to trade on Forex?

In Italy the most famous Broker is eToro , excellent for investing in Forex. Even ForexTB enjoys an excellent reputation.