Avatrade Review

Avatrade Review

This article is dedicated to opinions on AvaTrade . AvaTrade is one of the very first online trading brokers in the world, both for the number of clients and for the level of quality it offers. This AvaTrade review illustrates the main benefits of this broker.

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AvaTrade is definitely one of the best brokers for trading on forex , commodities and shares: it is the common opinion of many traders, Italian and European, that AvaTrade can compete with Plus500 and eToro for the supremacy of the best forex broker ever.

These are brokers that have a lot in common with AvaTrade: they work well, offer a high level of security and reliability. In the case of eToro, then, it offers a social trading and copytrading service similar to that of AvaTrade. For the sake of completeness, however, we remind you that eToro was the broker who invented the very concept of CopyTrading , while AvaTrade was inspired by the eToro platform (still offering an exceptional service to its customers).

AvaTrade’s offer for automatic trading is very large, we will analyze it in detail shortly.

Opinions on AvaTrade

The opinions on AvaTrade are always very positive: traders appreciate its safety, reliability and honesty characteristics above all. We must not forget, in fact, that AvaTrade is regulated by the Irish Central Bank (Dublin is now one of the most important financial centers in Europe) and obviously complies with the MIFID directive of the European Union, therefore also authorized in Italy by CONSOB.

But it is not so much this that is appreciated most by traders, as the conditions of absolute advantage that are reserved for them. Let’s start from one of the most appreciated features of AvaTrade and that is the possibility of trading automatically. There is the possibility of automatically copying the best traders but there is the possibility of using robots that work very well or to use ZuluTrade directly.

Opinions on AvaTrade are so positive even for the much cheaper spreads . In fact AvaTrade has been on the market since 2005 (at the time it was known as AvaFx) and has always been characterized by extremely advantageous spreads as well as by the safety and reliability it has always guaranteed to its customers.

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Who can trade with AvaTrade?

avatrade opinions

AvaTrade provides refined tools, able to meet the needs of professional traders: it is therefore a professional tool of very high value.

This does not mean that it is a tool suitable only for professionals or experts. On the contrary: AvaTrade is also perfect for those who want to start trading on forex or on financial markets in general because it offers one of the best online trading courses  perfect for learning how to invest.

There are many Traders who have trained over the years (for free, without spending any assets on online courses) thanks to the courses made available by AvaTrade.

In addition, AvaTrade’s proprietary trading platform is very simple to use , even the most inexperienced is able to get started right away without difficulty. For those who want, then, there is also the possibility of trading with the Metatrader platform . AvaTrade offers two platforms (one proprietary and one based on Metatrader) precisely to try to guarantee its customers the best possible service.

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Avatrade opinions on automatic trading

The analysis of the most widespread opinions on AvaTrade led us to identify automatic trading as one of the fundamental strengths of this broker. Many of its customers, therefore, appreciate AvaTrade above all for the fact that it can operate fully automatically on the financial markets.

For beginners, in fact, it is crucial to be able to trade even before being able to make reliable predictions. Most beginners who get positive results use some trading signal service or an automated trading platform.

There are 5 options for automatic trading with AvaTrade , no other broker offers so many opportunities to novice traders:

  • RoboX
  • Mirror Trader
  • ZuluTrade
  • Trading signals
  • Trading API


RoboX is one of the most advanced systems to create robots for trading in a fully automatic way . The service is really meant for beginners who have no idea where to start but still want to get the benefits of online trading right away.

To configure your robot you just need to answer 3 questions . The system then automatically determines which robot is best suited to the type of trader. The robot works fully automatically and without the trader needing to do anything except configure it initially.

Mirror Trader

The Mirror Trader platform is very similar to eToro’s social trading . In practice, it is possible to select the best traders, those who in the past have obtained the highest profits to copy them in a completely automatic way.

It is important to note that simply selecting the best AvaTrade trader is not a guarantee of profit . Everyone can make mistakes, even the best trader. For this reason it is always advisable to select a group of good traders to copy: in this way, even if one makes a mistake, the profits of the others cover his losses.


ZuluTrade is an automated social trading platform that allows the trader to automatically receive trade suggestions from more experienced traders. We can say that ZuluTrader is a slightly less automatic form of mirror trading . The AvaTrade platform not only offers ZuluTrader for free but it is widely believed that the integration with the platform is the best ever among those on the market.

Trading signals

All subscribers can receive excellent trading signals , processed by leading financial analysis institutes. AvaTrade signals have proven over time to be very reliable indeed. They are completely free, a simple registration is enough to get them. Services with a similar level of reliability usually have a rather high subscription cost.

Trading API

The trading APIs are a programming interface that the more experienced can use custom automatic trading algorithms . AvaTrade is one of the very few brokers that offers this possibility. This is the only form of automated trading that is not available to beginners (you need to be programming experts to use it).

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Why are AvaTrade’s clients so satisfied?

If we try to collect the opinions of AvaTrade’s customers, we will find that they are very satisfied. And this is a fact that goes beyond automatic trading or spreads. AvaTrade cares about its customers, they are not numbers but people.

For example, AvaTrade offers one of the best customer services, with continuous telephone support service . It also periodically organizes really interesting promotions. At the time this article is published, for example, a promotion is active that is giving away a dream car among all those who have an active trading account with AvaTrade.

Obviously, this service is offered in Italian . A fundamental aspect to operate in total tranquility and with the awareness that in case of problems an expert will be at our disposal. Some brokers only offer assistance in English and this can create major communication problems when it comes to exposing issues or malfunctions.

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AvaTrade scam?

Is AvaTrade a scam? The answer is no: AvaTrade is by no means a scam, indeed it is one of the safest, most reliable and convenient brokers among those currently available on the market. All customers who have actually tried AvaTrade are satisfied with the service and in fact the vast majority of reviews that can be found online are more than positive.

There was, in fact, a negative marketing campaign organized some time ago to claim that AvaTrade was a scam . However, the campaign was easily exposed, as it was shown that all the negative reviews disseminated on various forums and discussion groups came from the same IP address.

Probably, this campaign was orchestrated by some rival broker: unable to beat AvaTrade in offering to customers, he will have decided to ruin her reputation. However, this campaign, made up of negative opinions and opinions, was not very successful as most traders know the quality level of AvaTrade well.

It is very important to always select authorized and regulated CONSOB brokers : only in this way can you be guaranteed to stay away from scams. Unfortunately not all brokers are as honest and fair as AvaTrade , there are unauthorized brokers who carry out scams and scams to the detriment of their customers.

AvaTrade Bitcoin

With the advent of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies , AvaTrade immediately began to offer the possibility of trading CFDs having Bitcoin or other major cryptocurrencies as underlying .

The AvaTrade platform is one of the best ways to invest in Bitcoin without paying commissions and without the risk of scam: thanks to AvaTrade, in fact, you can operate on Bitcoin with a broker that is authorized and regulated, with all the advantages that this entails. .

Many cryptocurrency investors adopt AvaTrade both to operate safely and because AvaTrade’s proprietary platform is really simple and intuitive.

AvaTrade demo

All AvaTredo members can access a completely free demo platform , without limits and without restrictions. In practice, with AvaTrade it is possible to experience online trading without risking absolutely anything. Many beginners choose AvaTrade precisely because it is possible to gain free experience with trading in demo mode.

We at Mercati24 always recommend starting from a Demo base in order to become familiar with the Platform where we are going to operate. Get used to handling it, understand all its secrets and how it works, to better test the various trading strategies.

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AvaTrade bonus

The free bonus has been for years one of the main factors with which online trading beginners chose the broker to trade with. AvaTrade has always been one of the favorite brokers also from this point of view because it offered a free bonus that in many cases even reached € 10,000.

With the new ESMA rules , European brokers were no longer able to offer bonuses in coins and therefore AvaTrade also had to stop. The damage to traders was great : ESMA banned bonuses due to malpractice by unregulated brokers. The paradoxical aspect is that regulated brokers have complied with the legislation and therefore have stopped offering free bonuses (with serious harm for traders).

The unauthorized brokers, on the other hand, continued to offer bonuses as if nothing had happened and obviously continue with their malpractices .

In any case, it should be remembered that AvaTrade continues to offer bonuses of great value : they are no longer cash bonuses but truly valuable additional services, such as the possibility of trading in a completely automatic way or the free educational material for all members. .

Conclusions: our opinion on AvaTrade

Our review demonstrates how AvaTrade is one of the best brokers for online trading : safe and reliable platforms but above all really convenient since it does not apply commissions and has no fixed costs; the level of the spreads (very low!) makes AvaTrade one of the most advantageous brokers for clients.

From the point of view of the advantages for customers, we also point out the possibility of doing automatic trading (there are five automatic trading services, a real record) and the possibility of receiving high-level specialized training on trading.

To get started in the best possible way it will be possible to request a Demo account and invest with virtual money made available by the Platform. A perfect way to start discovering all the benefits of AvaTrade!

You can open a free account on AvaTrade by clicking here.

Is AvaTrade a Reliable Broker?

Yes, it is one of the best brokers in the world for solidity and number of active customers.

Is AvaTrade regulated by Consob?

Yes, since 2009 this Broker has been registered with Consob with number 2640.

Are there any fixed commissions on AvaTrade?

No, this broker operates with free CFDs and without fixed commissions.

Can cryptocurrencies be traded on AvaTrade?

Yes, it is possible to trade the main cryptocurrencies safely and without fixed commissions. Among others, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.