Plus500 Review

Plus500 , is one of the most used Italian CFD brokers  . This review explains in detail how Plus500 works and how it is used to trade financial markets safely and conveniently. This guide also contains independent opinions and opinions on Plus500. You can sign up for free on Plus500 by clicking here .

Plus500 is a broker that allows you to trade CFDs (contracts for difference) on a wide variety of assets such as:

  • Stocks
  • indices
  • Commodities
  • forex
  • bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

It is one of the most used platforms, because it has the most affordable spreads on the market. Plus500  is a very convenient broker but above all a broker you can trust, the opinions of all traders agree.

In fact Plus500UK is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 509909), a very strict British supervisory authority. Furthermore, Plus500CY LTD is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (License No. 250/14).

This means, in simple terms, that the money we entrust to Plus500 is really safe and that there will be no negative surprises (as unfortunately happens with other CFD brokers we do not mention).

How Plus500 works

Plus500 offers a CFD trading service. A CFD is a derivative contract that exactly replicates the price of a financial asset , making trading extremely simple. In practice, Plus500 offers CFDs on a very wide range of financial assets. Unlimited online trading on these assets with a single account.

For example, we have the CFD on Twitter stock available. This CFD is not the stock, mind you, but it replicates the price. In this way we have the opportunity to take advantage of the price changes of the stock itself but operating only on the derivative.

But how does the Plus500 online trading broker work ? The operation is quite simple, as it is one of the simplest online trading platforms.

The secret of the simplicity of Plus500 lies precisely in the CFDs (Contracts for Difference) that allow you to trade simply. You don’t need  to actually own the asset in question. But simply by clicking on buy and sell at any time.

Trying to summarize all the advantages of this broker in a single article would be impossible to say the least, here are some:

  • Increased purchasing power
  • No commission: it   is possible to trade with only one cost, the spread (the difference between the purchase and sale price, and the only way in which the broker earns);
  • Take advantage of all the opportunities of Brexit:  thanks to the large amount of markets available;
  • Very low minimum deposit: (only 100 euros);
  • Advanced risk management: and at the same time simplified;
  • Maximum security: it   is a broker with a market capitalization of approximately one billion euros.

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Plus 500

Plus500: guide

The fact that Plus500 is one of the best CFD brokers currently on the market does not mean that the trading activity is risk free. Trading on derivative instruments always involves capital risks. The experienced trader knows this and should always be kept in mind. There is no broker that can guarantee 100% capital, even theoretically excluding losses.
If you want to have 100% protected and guaranteed capital then it is better to buy bonds issued by Germany and practically give up the yield. The key point is that trading is not an investment activity but a speculative activity.

The returns are significantly higher, of course, but this implies that the risks are too.
In short, despite Plus500 being one of the best CFD brokers on the market, it is worth keeping in mind that your capital is still at risk.

It’s not Plus500’s fault, God forbid, but it’s the very nature of the market . However, on Plus500 there are functions integrated directly within the broker. For example, thanks to functions such as dynamic leverage, which adapts to the conditions of the chosen market, it is possible to better manage the risk and control it appropriately .

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Plus500: Opinions

Anyone who hangs out on the finance or forex forums knows that the opinions on Plus500 are all very very positive. In fact it is considered to be one of the best CFD brokers ever due to the fact that it is very affordable. And it is no coincidence that Plus500 Ltd has been listed on the main list of the London Stock Exchange (London Stock Exchange), a record that no other broker can boast.

Plus500 Information

Usually experienced traders have a very high opinion of this broker as it truly guarantees a professional experience, worthy of the best trader rooms of large investment banks or hedge funds. The convenience of Plus500 is not an opinion: it is a fact.

Plus500 is certainly one of the most used brokers in the world. It can count about a thousand new users per day, which currently amount to over 3.5 million users, as many as another very famous trading platform: eToro .

It is one of the most trusted online trading brokers on the world market. Before registering with Plus500 and starting trading through the Plus500 download and Plus500 login , you need to know well how Plus500 works and the opinions Plus500 about this broker from and our many readers, Mercati24 (we don’t say it) , but the public that continues to grow) is a real guarantee in the world of online trading.

The 2020 opinions on Plus500 are first of all that it is a broker that has practically decades of experience . 2008 is the year of the broker’s birth, which immediately launches an extremely advanced platform compared to the competition.

An innovative broker, therefore, but with an eye always attentive to simplicity. The main objective of the Plus500 platform is in fact to allow everyone to have an extremely simple and essential online trading experience, therefore suitable for all types of investors.

To learn more, read Plus500 Opinions .


The history of Plus500 is made up of successes, sponsorships with great football teams and partnerships with industry leaders.

  • 2008: it is the year of the foundation. Its first trading platform for the computer is launched
  • 2009: Starts offering CFD trading in the stock market
  • 2010: launches a web version of its trading platform, thus also allowing all other platforms and smartphones to trade online. The portfolio also includes ETFs.
  • 2011: reaches the level of 2 million transactions per month . The first app for iPhone and iPad arrives, which immediately reaches a new record: it is the most downloaded app on the App store . There are also 1000 more stocks coming from many global markets.
  • 2012: The app for Android finally arrives . Plus500 claims to be in the running to become the world’s first CFD company.
  • 2013: The company was listed in the stock exchange , the market AIM of the London Stock Exchange. Bitcoin is introduced as a trading tool, for the first time in the world.
  • 2014: The stock market value exceeds 1000 million dollars. A real record. The “Guaranteed Stop” function also arrives.
  • 2015: is the official sponsor of Atletico Madrid , one of the most important teams in Spain, Europe and the world.
  • 2016: The new webtrader arrives that can be used by for computers, tablets and smartphones.

Matt Damon poses with the Atletico Madrid shirt, a football team sponsored by Plus500.

From 2008 to the present, Plus500 has done nothing but ring success after success , continuing to expand its customer base. Therefore, the question of whether Plus500 is a scam or not, can only be answered in one way: No, no and again no.

How can you think that a broker with millions of customers, listed on the stock exchange with a value of about 1 billion euros, sponsor of the biggest football team, is a scam?

Plus500 is a great broker , which allows you to trade CFDs (a very quick and easy way to trade) on virtually any stock, index, commodity, forex currency, ETF and much more in the world.

Those who wish to open a trading account with Plus500 will have essentially unlimited choice .

The opinion on Plus500, as far as reliability and safety are concerned , is therefore at the highest levels, we do not believe there is anything else that a trader could want.

Best broker

Plus 500 is therefore one of the best brokers on Italian soil , but also in Europe and worldwide. The 2020 Opinions found on the Plus500 forums and blogs , in fact, state that the Plus500 online trading broker is one of the best brokers, for a series of reasons and advantages that have made Plus500 one of the best Italian CFD brokers .

One of the advantages that immediately stand out once you land on the Plus 500 homepage is the broker’s seriousness: there are no commissions , the spreads are low, the platform is intuitive, the guarantees are trustworthy, the broker it is regulated in Italy, and customers are enthusiastic about it.

Factors like these (and many others), have allowed Plus500 to become one of those most popular brokers in the panorama of online trading with CFDs , one of the simplest methods to trade in an economic and low cost way. CFDs are the trading of the future , and are also allowing ordinary people to enter the world of finance, an environment known to be “closed” to ordinary citizens, but reserved only for prominent personalities, hedge funds, bankers etc.

All this is also thanks to Plus 500, which has made this trading mode famous all over the world, thanks to its incredible user base, which goes beyond all known nations of the world, and continues to expand into more and more countries.

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Plus500 CFD

Plus500 side effects? No Plus500 has no side effects, as not everyone is familiar with how CFDs work . For CFD we mean “Contract for Difference”, in Italian “Contract for Difference”, a two-part contract, where the buyer earns based on the difference between the opening and closing prices.

To explain it more technically, a Plus500 CFD is a contract where the buyer, after paying an interest rate, receives the return of the underlying financial asset , simultaneously the seller of the CFD, after the interest has been collected, pays the return on the contracted asset.

The two parties, therefore, buyer and seller, agree to exchange the quantity that derives from the difference between the opening and closing of the contract, which can be a gain, or a loss (or in case of a tie, zero).

CFD Plus500

What are CFDs

The CFD is therefore a contract that is totally based on the difference between the purchase price and the sale price, which will then be multiplied by the number of CFDs that have been traded.

It might seem like a trading methodology very similar to classic trading on the stock exchange, but it is actually much more beneficial. In fact, it is not necessary to pay for the entire value of the transaction, as there is usually a margin also provided by the broker (Financial Leverage), which therefore allows you to buy more, with less funds.

With a CFD , you don’t get ownership of the asset you bought (or sold short), but it’s a position that replicates the market trend. This therefore allows to speed up the process a lot.

With Plus500, however, there are advantages of classic stocks , such as Plus500 interest and dividends, which essentially allow you to earn dividends provided to stockholders by large companies (like Coca-Cola or Apple, to name two). In the case of a “short” position, the dividends will instead be subtracted, rather than credited.

If you want to trade with the best Italian CFD broker, click here and open your account . Trading is a risky business and can lead to losses.

Plus500 Demo

Plus500 also allows you to do virtual trading . The Plus500 webtrader trading platform can be used either in real mode (with real money) or in virtual mode. The beauty is that these two platforms are mirrored, so they are the same, there is no difference, of course except that the virtual one uses demo money and the real one uses real money.

It is therefore a great opportunity to “train” and try to see how your investment would go with your portfolio of stocks, forex, commodities, bitcoin etc. Of course, Plus500 demo is totally free and without obligation, and allows everyone to start trading for free.

To start using the Plus500 demo account, just register at Plus500 .

Plus500 Login and Login

Plus500 Login Login

To access and then log into the Plus500 platform , it is very simple. It can be done first of all with smartphone applications, downloadable on:

  • App Store
  • Play Store

Just go to these marketplaces and type Plus500 in the search form.

Obviously Plus500 can also be used from the web with any computer, tablet or smartphone. Just register here first , and then log in through the demo or real trading platform. Like all investments, trading involves risk.

Therefore select the option between ” Real Money ” or ” Demo Mode “, enter your credentials and access the trading platform. If you are not registered, or if you do not have the credentials, you can open a new account through the following link: Plus500 Login .

Plus500 how it works: trading platform

First of all, Plus500’s trading platform works very simply , and is available for a multitude of devices:

Plus500 trading platforms

Obviously it is possible to do any type of trading: Day Trading, Long Term and much more. There are no limits.

But how does Plu500 work? Plus500 how is it used? The broker works very simply , the look of the platform is clean, essential, and allows all its clients to trade in peace and simplicity.

There are no bugs or connection problems of any kind, and the connection is encrypted, therefore completely safe from prying eyes. The platform is available for:

  • Desktop
  • Webtrader
  • iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
  • Android
  • Windows Phone and PC

Plus500’s platform works as all platforms should work . Through the webtrader you can open and close or even just program all the buy or sell positions you want, with just a few clicks of the mouse or tap of your touchscreen.

At the same time as opening the position, it will be possible to set various options, including:

Plus500 how it works

  • Position direction (buy or sell)
  • Stop Limit (it is the Take Profit, the chosen level where the position will be automatically closed in profit)
  • Stop Loss (it is the chosen level where the position will automatically close at a loss)
  • Operating Stop
  • Much more

With the trading platform you can do much more, including:

Plus500 platform

  • Trading on new markets
  • Check or change your open positions
  • Check or change orders
  • Look at closed positions
  • Switching from a real money account to a virtual money account (and vice versa)

There is nothing simpler than the Plus500 platform , and the enthusiasm of users who have tried this new platform, introduced in 2016, is truly incredible. This is a big step forward for this company, which is allowing more and more people to invest with online trading, achieving their financial freedom through Plus500.

Plus500 Forum went to check if the opinion of the readers of the forums on Plus500 is positive and negative, in order to verify that our opinion is also valid with the many other users who use it.

And so it has been, lately we have also been receiving messages on our page , with messages from users who appreciate the service provided by Plus500 , here is a message from the authoritative user Lorenzo Liguori (who among other things is the administrator of one of the most famous trading forums in Italy):

Plus500 opinions

We also checked if there are any Plus500 issues , but found nothing really relevant. The broker works well and the users are usually very satisfied .

With this, we thank Lorenzo and we can not help but reciprocate the compliment, stressing again that such comments are only good for a Plus500 review like this, read by thousands of users every hour.

Plus500 Scam

After all these analyzes and statements, is it still possible to give Plus500 a “Scam Broker”? Many forums and blogs are full of conflicting opinions on brokers in general: whoever is comfortable with a broker is because he continues to earn well every day.

Anyone who is wrong with a broker is because they have lost everything . Unfortunately, for the “ignorant” user (because he ignores the fact that behind the broker there are European MIFID laws, European and Italian regulations, and a quality team that works 24/7) who is driven only by his avarice, which inevitably it leads him to play everything in a single trade to earn as much as possible, there are no half terms and measures: according to his distracted judgment, the fault is not his, but he prefers to unload all the responsibilities on a reputable and global broker like Plus500 any other valid broker.

Plus500 is therefore not a scam, the scam is only in the minds and beliefs of those people who believe that online trading is not a job, but a way to make easy money.

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To learn more, read Plus500 scam .

Plus500 minimum deposit

One of the most important aspects of an online trading broker is the minimum deposit . This is the minimum amount of money that you can deposit into your account to start trading. Plus500’s minimum deposit is just 100 euros.

This means that anyone can start trading, as the capital required is extremely low. It is important to remember that the deposit on the account is in no way comparable to an investment and that the trader can request to withdraw it at any time.

The deposit that is made initially can be equated in all respects to the deposit of money into a bank account . When the trader executes a trade, he uses a portion of the deposited money.

As we have already explained, it is possible to open an account on Plus500 completely free of charge, without the need to make even a deposit and operate with a demo account, unlimited and without constraints. In fact, most traders start with a demo account and then make the minimum deposit only when they have accumulated the necessary experience to operate successfully.


Plus500 is one of the best brokers to trade on forex, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies. Its strengths are the professional and intuitive trading platform, the absolutely competitive spreads and the absence of commissions.

Plus500 can be used with a minimum deposit of just 100 euros but can be used in demo, without constraints and without limits, without making any deposit.

You can sign up for free on Plus500 by clicking here .Is Plus500 a Safe Broker?

Yes, Plus500 is an extremely solid and reliable platform. In addition, it has FCA license number 509909 and CySec license number 250/14.

Does Plus500 offer a Demo account?

Yes, there is the opportunity to download the platform in the Demo version and operate with virtual money and without time limits.Does Plus500 require fixed commissions?

Absolutely no. This Broker operates with CFD contracts therefore does not provide for any fixed management fee or on the execution.

Is it possible to trade cryptocurrencies on Plus500?

Yes, on Plus500 there are all the main cryptocurrencies, negotiable in CFDs and in total safety.

What is the minimum deposit to invest with Plus500?

It is one of the lowest in the industry, as it is possible to open a real account with only € 100.

Is Plus500 a scam?

No, it is one of the safest and most reliable brokers out there. The company that manages Plus500 is listed on the London Stock Exchange.Our vote