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The most important feature of a broker is its trading platform, the tool that you use to negotiate. Therefore do not miss the ranking with the best software trading…

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Many of us do not often take into account this issue and we only look at the commissions, but as important as the service broker is the trading platform that we offer.

Why? Because the failure or success of our investments depends in large measure the power and reliability of the toolFor this reason, and because at the time of investing our money, not worth half measures, we bring to you a selection with some of the best trading platforms so that you operate with the most powerful tools…

A broker and trading platform are not the same

So what does this mean? As it turns out a broker and trading platform are not the same (although sometimes confused): while the broker is the intermediary that acts directly between us and the stock market; the trading platform is the work tool (softwarethrough which we will operate and launch orders.

So the broker will offer us a service while the platform will allow us the execution of our strategy. Therefore, if the platform investment is not good, we can have serious problems when negotiating.

Two types of brokers: with or without own platform

When hiring a broker online we’re going to come up with two possibilities:

  • Brokers that have developed their own trading platform.
  • Brokers use a platform multibróker (also available from other suppliers).

Although there are very powerful tools, developed in-house by some brokers, keep in mind that a platform multibróker can open many doors to the time change and negotiate with other brokers.

Learn the operation of a trading software is not easy, therefore, it is less advisable to focus on a platform that can only be used with a broker specific (own). As a general rule, all brokers offer a trading platform free of charge (whether own or not) to their customers.

Find the best trading platform

Some of the criteria that you have to take into account to choose a trading software:

  • Offer the tools of stock market with the you want to invest in
    Not all systems offer the trading with any instrument.
  • Having those features with which you want to work
    For nothing serves as a platform of social trading if you are not interested in following or sharing your trades. This will depend on your strategy and how safe you feel with one or the other functions: analysis indicators, real-time, types of orders, graphics, system of automatic trading, etc
  • The platform should be friendly and easy to use
    In an ideal paradigm, the best platform is the one that offers the usability easier and more intuitive for the user. With the technological possibilities that there are in the market right now, it makes no sense to continue using a “tostón” complicated in the idea that it is more complete.
  • That is of rapid execution
  • That offers a software compatible with our operating system
    If we do not want to be using patches all the time, best that the software is compatible with our computer. Interesting are also the mobile version and online (called web), so that we can operate in any part of the world with any carrier without the need of downloading the program (tablets, phones, other pcs).
  • Access to the code of the tool
    Some platforms such as Metatrader 4 allows you to modify the code of programming to create indicators or scripts themselves among others.

The 10 best trading platforms

Plus500 Webtrader Broker + Popular 2020

We start the ranking with the platform developed in house of Plus500, which allows you to negotiate with all the instruments: CFDs on stocks, forex, criptomonedas, commodities, options, ETFs, etc, through a very easy interface to use and intuitive.

Source: Youtube, channel “Method Trading”, created by Manuel Rivera.
The bonuses that appear in this video are not available to retail customers according to the T&Cs of Plus500CY Ltd.

  • Trading platform free online, downloadable and Apps for Android and iOS.
  • Demo account with 40,000€/£ or€ 50,000 play money without restrictions: open a demo is very easy, it will take 1 minute because you only need an email.
  • You can analyze the market and execute orders (instant and pending) directly from the charts.
  • You can access the sentiment of the market to know if the tráders sell or buy and then take a decision.
  • More than 90 technical indicators.
  • Customer service Plus500 24/7 through the live chat.
  • More tools such as: creating alerts in price, market sentiment, etc, favorites lists, live statistics, detailed information of the instruments, upcoming events, related…
  • Regulated by the CySEC (#250/14) and the strict ASIC (AFSL #417727) australian. In addition, Plus500 is listed on the famous London stock exchange, the London Stock Exchange.

See the trading platform of Plus500


The famous trading platform xStation 5, XTB is one of the software most comprehensive to operate with pure Actions, ETFs, and CFDs on Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Criptomonedas, etc.

Source: Youtube, channel “Method Trading”, created by Manuel Rivera.

  • Trading platform free of charge: just register an account (demo or real from 0 euros) in the brokerage company to start trading.
  • You can open a Demo with 20,000€ in play money to test the tool.
  • Allows you to analyze the market and execute orders (instant and pending) directly from the charts.
  • Allows you to customize the graphs, insert indicators, scripts, etc
  • Attention to the client of XTB: by phone, email, live chat etc in Spanish.
  • More than 34 technical indicators.
  • Running ultra-fast.
  • Available for PCs, online, tablets and mobiles (Android and iOS) and smartwatchs.
  • Many extra tools within the platform: calculator lots, statistics tráder, feeling, market, academy of trading, radio tráders, etc

See platform XTB

Metatrader 4 and 5

We continue with the trading platform multibróker most well-known Metatrader 4 (and the update of WP5). Initially created for Forex in 2005 by the company MetaQuotes, today has been adapted for trading with more instruments. Then you can access to a small tutorial created by the youtuber John H.

Source: Youtube, channel “Jontrader”, created by Jontrader.

  • Trading platform for free.
  • Allows you to analyze the market and execute orders (instant and pending).
  • Allows you to customize the graphics and create your own expert robots and technical indicators thanks to its open source code, among others.
  • It has an internal mail to contact your broker as well as a help system.
  • You can have two account actual and as many demos as you want (with play money).
  • More than 90 indicators incorporated.
  • System of automatic trading.
  • New format webtrader for not having to download the software.
  • Possibility of downloading the historical data.

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metatrader 5

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Sirix Webtrader

Sirix is the forex trading platform that is social par excellence, specially designed for Forex, Futures and CFDs. Developed by the technology company Leverate and released to the public in 2014, it has gradually become one of the programs multibrókers most used (more than 100 brokers international).

Source: YouTube, Channel “Leverate”.

  • As tráder private not you can download the program directly from Leverate. What you can do is open up a demo on some of these brokers have Sirix as IronFx or GKFX.
  • Interactive graphics on which you can work and launch orders.
  • More than 60 Indicators.
  • Orders at market, stop loss, taket profit, limited (buy limit, sell limit, buy stop, sell stop), at price, limited by time and hour.
  • Tool “Social Stream” where you can see live and copy the transactions made by other users.
  • Analyze other tráders and even copy all their future transactions (if you see that it has a good performance).
  • Webtrader available online to any PC, tablets and app for mobile Android and iOS.

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It is a platform multibróker whose operation is more focused on the execution in the analysis. Ninjatrader forms part of the group NinjaTrader Group, LLC, founded in 2003 and counts today with more than 40,000 represented through more than 150 brokers around the world.

Source: Youtube, canal “Terminus Consulting LLC”.

  • Trading platform of payment (a demo with limited options).
  • Operational especially for the trading with futures, but it also allows you stocks, forex and CFDs.
  • Allows you to analyze the market and execute orders directly from charts.
  • Extensive customization of its graphical interface.
  • Possibility of downloading the historical data.
  • Real-time and Strategy Backtesting.

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Like Ninjatrader, cTrader is a platform multibróker originally designed for institutional trading. However, its ease of use and the many extra features that it offers (as cAlgo, cMirror, etc) have earned him a huge popularity among tráders novices and experts.

Source: Youtube channel “The Trading Society”.

  • Trading platform free of charge.
  • Allows you to trade in the Forex markets and CFDs on shares and indices.
  • Control Panel attractive, very handy and easy to use.
  • Algorithmic Trading with the tool cAlgo trading and social trading with their platform cMirror (allows you to copy the positions of other tráders).
  • Trading directly on the charts and technical analysis with over 50 indicators.
  • Real-time and Backtesting.
  • Available in Web version and downloadable, with native apps for iOS and Android.

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TradingView New

TradingView is a trading platform multibróker (although not too the brokers to the offer) suitable for all type of tráders (novices and experts). The best thing is the huge community of users and developers that comprise it: you can continue to other, copy strategies, develop your own widgets and much more…

Source: Youtube channel “Break Trade”.

  • Trading platform and free of payment (according to the functions that you sign up for).
  • Allows you to trade the markets indices, futures, currencies, bonds, stocks, CFDs, and criptomonedas.
  • Control Panel interactive chart, with hundreds of tools and intuitive.
  • Especially for technical analysis: hundreds of indicators and studies pre-configured.
  • You can create your own graphics and solutions.
  • Real-time and Backtesting.
  • Watchlist and notifications.
  • Media and access of the community of tráders and developers to share and follow strategies, etc
  • Without the need to download + native apps for iOS and Android.

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